About Janna

I was born in Florida, the oldest of three girls. Always the energetic one, I was constantly moving, curious, athletic, and loud. I spent most of my childhood outside, building tree forts and underground forts, and always consumed with my own wild imagination.

In an attempt to wrangle my inexhaustible energy, my mother encouraged me to draw and color, and eventually taught me how to sew. It was as though a lightning bolt had struck and was the beginning of a lifelong love affair with drawing, painting, and especially all things to do with sewing: working with fabrics, costuming, and inventing.

My first job was as a portrait artist for the summer at Six Flags over Georgia. That would be a turning point for me, as it led to an opportunity in Panama City Beach, where I spent seven summers in a row airbrushing t-shirts. The rest of the year I attended Florida State University, and eventually graduated with a BFA in Theater. From there, I spent several years painting sets for the Asolo State Theater: FSU’s graduate acting conservatory and professional Equity theater.

In 1984 I moved to New York City and enjoyed a wonderful time in the historic neighborhood of Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. In the mid-90s I created a nonprofit mini-theater company called Halloween 313. This community-based organization produced 23 years of live Halloween shows on my front lawn in Clinton Hill, with the help of friends and neighbors.

After a flourishing 25-year career in NYC designing accessories for such entities as Disney, Universal, Cirque du Soleil, and many others, I have returned to Florida to continue work as a designer. As a new member of the Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood, I am thrilled to continue focusing on the art I was intended to create ever since that magical moment in childhood when I first put pencil to paper, and needle to cloth.

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